Thursday, August 11, 2011

Minecraft IRL!?

So I went to Otakon this year and saw a lot of Minecraft Cosplay; this is surprising since Otakon's an anime and thus you mostly see anime/manga characters. Cosplays from JRPGs like Final Fantasy are pretty common too, but I didn't think Minecraft would be such a hit... Most common were the creepers:

Here are a couple good ones of the player character:
My personal favorite, however, was this guy who was cosplaying as Honeydew from Yogscast:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunburn Islands

So lately I've been playing this map called Sunburn Islands; it's made by Vechs in his Super Hostile series. They're basically survival type maps that are REALLY difficult. The gimmick is that there are a series of dungeons in the world; at the end of these dungeons are chests full of colored wool; the goal of the map is to gather all of these colored wools (without cheating and dying it) and assemble them into a victory monument. Thus far I've found two of the wool, but not the victory monument. The first episode of my Let's Play video series is below:

I've done a total of 10 videos so far; I'm not going to link them all but you can find them easily on my youtube channel.

Hello World

Hey guys, I'm starting up a new blog to talk about Minecraft! I've been making youtube videos for MC for a while now, and I wanted some place to just TALK about the game without having to record things. So, I'll have extra commentary from my videos here, thoughts on changes, tips and tricks for being a better miner, design techniques for building cool stuff, and more!